Founded by Chris Bayley Glenlyon Innovations is a wholly Australian, family-owned business with a tradition in manufacturing which can be traced back centuries. The passion for innovative manufacturing can be traced back to the families origins in England all the way back to England more than 900 years ago to 1076.

In 1996 using CNC technology and a fully hand-on approach Chris, his father Leigh and his brother Simon began building hardwood dining chairs and tables from scratch, sourcing reclaimed Ironbark and Spotted Gum from farms in western Queensland.

In 2013 Chris and Leigh began making handcrafted products for Chris’s wife’s business Lovestar. https://lovestar.com.au/pages/the-story

Driven by a passion for good design and authenticity Glenlyon solely creates products with great thought, attention to detail and consideration for their outstanding beauty, practical application and the durability of their materials.

As a QBCC Licensed Cabinetmaker and Master Builders Member Glenlyon innovations prides itself on its thoughtful and innovative designs, and attention to detail in all it does.

Through the combination of cutting edge technology and the company is